At Blue Springs Assembly, we love kids!

At Blue Springs Assembly, we have a wide range of programs just for kids! Each of these programs is designed and is dedicated to these key ideas:


Your child’s safety is our number one priority. In addition to a secure check-in process, every volunteer and staff member undergoes an application process, background check and training to ensure they are a perfect fit for our kids.


We believe in the church. It’s a place filled with love and acceptance. It’s a place where we can develop relationships that are healthy, deep and meaningful. That’s why we give intentional opportunities during our services for kids to mingle and free play. We want our kid’s church friends to be their best friends. Lifelong relationships you can count on start here.


Helping families introduce their youngest members to Jesus and helping them develop that relationship is what we do best! The Bible is the most amazing book ever written and is our source material for every teaching moment. We believe the best life we can live is a life that recognizes God’s amazing love and lives each day responding to it. We take every opportunity to help kids take the next step in their growth journey.


Kids love fun and so do we! That’s why we weave fun into all our kids experiences. We are always exploring exciting, fun, silly (and often messy!) new ways to present our lessons, engage our kids, keep them connected and keep them wanting more! We want church to be the best part of their week, so we make sure it’s a place they love and an experience they won’t want to miss.

Your First Visit!

We’re so glad you’re considering joining us this week! When you arrive, feel free to park in one our spaces designated just for our first-time guests. When you enter through the main doors, you will see our Welcome Center and just beyond that is our Early Childhood counter. We will meet you there, check your family into our secure database system, and one of our volunteers will help lead your family to the appropriate children’s area.

The first time you check in, you’ll be asked for the following personal information: family members’ names, children’s names and birthdates, address, phone number, and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your child.

Once your family is in our database system, check-in from that point on is a breeze! We’ll be able to find your family by either name or phone number and print off security tags right away.

We offer a full range of fun and engaging experiences for kids birth – 6th grade during both our Wednesday night & Sunday morning services.

Infant (Birth – 1 Year Old)

Available both Sunday morning & Wednesday night

Located in the Early Childhood Area in the Main Foyer

Parents can take comfort in knowing that their infants are receiving exceptional, loving care in our nursery while they enjoy worship. Our nursery is fully equipped, safe, clean and well-staffed. It has all the necessities needed to take care our little one and make sure they enjoy the close, personal nurturing they require.

We are also equipped with Nursing Mother’s Room located in the main Women’s Restroom in the foyer.

Toddler (2 – 3 Years Old) & Preschool (4 – 5 Years Old)

Available both Sunday morning & Wednesday night

Located in the Early Childhood Area in the Main Foyer

We have separate rooms specially prepared for our Toddler and Preschool aged children. While you’re in service, your little ones will be enjoying Bible stories, activities, craft times, singing and fun! All our activity is centered around teaching about how much God loves them and how Jesus wants to be their best friend. Even at this early age, we believe kids can get ahold of the foundational message of the Bible.

Kaboom! Kids Ministry (K – 6th Grade)

Available Sunday Morning during the 10AM service

Located in the Kaboom! Kids Ministry Area

Kaboom! Kids Ministry is the place to be on a Sunday morning! Everything about us is designed and crafted with the purpose of capturing the heart & imagination of your child. Our exciting, creative and fun environment, program and people are all there to help you guide your child toward a lifelong, growing friendship with Jesus! We would love to have a BLAST with your kids this week in Kaboom!

Wednesday Night Ignite (K – 6th Grade)

Available Wednesday Nights during the 7PM service

Located in the Kaboom! Ministry Area

This exciting program uses fun and engaging electives designed to IGNITE interest & passion in the hearts of our kids. These electives provide a perfect opportunity for our leaders to develop mentoring relationships and have engaging spiritual discussion all around a common interest.

Imagine an art elective where the group has a great talk about how WE are God’s masterpiece! Or an outdoor adventure elective where kids observe creation and are drawn into conversation about how big God is! How about a cooking elective that opens the door to a discussion on the body of Christ? Jesus used seeds, coins, fish and sparrows to teach spiritual truth. He used the real world to teach real truth. At Wednesday Night Ignite, so do we.

Current Electives:


Fun, Love, Laughter, and Memories

During the course of the elective, kids will
learn basic cooking and baking skills while
learning about making healthy
choices with both their food and
their lives! Additionally, we’ll
explore opportunities we have
to minister to others using food!
This hands on elective will be a fun
way to learn essential life skills while
exploring the nourishment of God’s Word.


Creativity as Worship

During this elective, kids will experiment with different processes and mediums to create something beautiful and unique. We’ll explore the art of telling a story with our creativity. We’ll learn to love our uniqueness as a gift from God and begin to trust our artistic eye and the way we see the world. God made us each a masterpiece He calls His own. This elective will explore ways we can tap into the divine creativity within us and offer it back to Him as a form of worship.

Karate & Jujitsu

An introduction to the Martial Arts

Kids will be challenged to learn basic Karate and
Jujitsu skills including blocks, kicks, punches as
well as some light grappling. Additionally,
kids will learn important techniques on
conflict resolution and aggression diffusion.

Outdoor Adventure

Exploring God’s Awesome Creation!

The wonder of God is on display all around us in His magnificent creation! This elective will take kids on a journey through the great outdoors giving them opportunities to explore various different aspects of nature. During the term our experienced Guides will lead adventurers in exploring areas of Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology as well as plant & animal life. We will open up God’s word and see what it has to say about the world He created, how we should treat it, and how God’s power and love are on display through His Awesome creation!

Bomb Squad – Junior Discipleship Program (5th & 6th Grade)

Available Wednesday Nights BEFORE service at 6PM
Located in the Kaboom Ministry Area

Bomb Squad is a program specifically designed to engage 5th & 6th graders in a deeper discipleship experience. Our leaders come prepared each week to challenge kids to realize, embrace and grow a faith that’s all their own. Additionally, we give our Bomb Squad kids opportunities to develop skills in leadership & ministry. Specifically, we give them access to supervised leadership roles during our Sunday morning kids church experience. There’s nothing better than seeing our 5th & 6th graders excited about serving and growing as leaders.