The facilities of Blue Springs Assembly church are available to rent by members only, and events must not conflict with the beliefs of the church. The facility must be requested at least 4 weeks in advance, and requests require 1 week to process.

Monday | Tuesday | Thursday | Friday: Events may be scheduled at any time that is open on the church calendar.
Saturday: Events must conclude by 4 pm and require a custodial cleaning fee.
Sunday: Sunday events may start no earlier than 2 pm, and setup must begin AFTER the morning worship service.

Non-perishable items are available to use during your event. This includes tables and chairs, as well as kitchen equipment and non-perishable items. All equipment must be cleaned and all trash must be taken out and placed inside the dumpster immediately following the event. The Café is not available for rent.

Facility rental fees

Rental Fee $75 flat rate
Coordinator Fee $25 per hour
Custodial Cleaning Fee $50 flat rate (Required for Saturday events only)

facility rental optional fees

Kitchen Deposit $25 flat rate (Refundable, required for kitchen area use)
Media $25 per hour (Audio and Video available)

All fees must be received before the date of the event.
Please fill out the facility rental form below to request a space at Blue Springs Assembly.

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